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Naureen Khan CLC, MH, NLP

Relationship Coach, Speaker, Advocate

Like many of you, I have been in a marriage where I wondered if I should stay or should I go. But what about the kids? Or my family? And how would I support myself? He is not that bad, is he? Better than being single right? These questions and many many more came flooding into my mind over and over again but sadly no answers. I did the pros and cons list, talk to friends and even tried marriage counselling but I still was not making any real headway into what I needed/wanted to do moving forward. You would think having a 15 year life coaching background would help but alas we can not be our own patients so I looked for help by seeing my own coach (which is why I know coaching works!), attended retreats, read books, and through this, I started helping others by creating what worked best through my own experiences. Many of my clients responded really well to this process.  


Since 2006, I have helped 100's of women and couples go through this transformative time. Having 15 years experience in Human Resources, life coaching and hypnosis, I have created Lifeology, a company dedicated to helping women and couples feel supported and provide resources needed to make the best decisions for everyone. 

From Lemons to Lemonade!


Naureen Khan


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