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I wanted 3 things out of life since I was a little girl. Firstly I knew I wanted to help people, I was always the person my friends would turn to for advice so I picked an HR career that involved coaching people. Secondly, I wanted to travel and meet people around the world so I could share their experiences which I got to do extensively as part of my job with the UN. The last wish on my list was to be a mom. I knew I had so much love to share with some little person. Getting pregnant was not easy for me but once it happened I was beyond delighted! And a bit scared! How was I going to do this childbirth thing? Luckily I was able to learn hypnosis and my labour was easy. Now on to parenting! Again lots of learning to be done.

Being a mom has been the most amazing, unique and gratifiying experience in the world. There is nothing else that quite compares. Soft kisses, cuddles, loads of attention and a feeling of family. So you can imagine my shock when the "mommymoon" wore off and I was left wondering, "who am I" and "what's next?" Here comes

Even with having my dreams fufilled, I felt something was missing. What was wrong with me? After doing some serious soul searching and investiing in some career and life coaching I realized that I was not the same person I had been 15 years ago when I started out and wanted a career, and really a life that reflected who I am now -- today. I realized authenticity was really important to me. I was not getting that in the corporate world. I had to reinvent myself. I needed a plan...and guts for pulling off such a deep change with the family in tow.

So 2 kids later and a thriving career as a maternity coach I have learned that the road we think we are on does not always lead to where we think we are going -- and that's ok! That's what makes us gutsy moms! Change is good. I invite you to share your story of inspiration, reinvention and change with other mothers on this blog as we build a community that goes beyond moms and leads us back to ourselves -- perhaps you'll inspire someone along the way.

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Career change for new moms


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