What the Heck Does Hypnosis Have to do With Career Coaching???

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When you think about hypnosis, I bet you conjure up images of people acting crazy on stage--or perhaps a smooth talking hypnotist swinging a crystal back-and-forth as the subject gets sleepier and sleepier.

This is NOT the hypnosis I am talking about when it comes to career coaching. Many clients come to me with a desire to make a change in their career (and life) but don't really know where to start. They come with preconceived ideas or limitations about what they can and cannot do (self limiting beliefs). Sometimes they are stressed out with their jobs and have trouble sleeping or concentrating. Others have performance anxiety or fear of public speaking. All of these issues can be helped by hypnosis. Hypnosis helps clients bypass their conscious thinking so that they can access their subconscious mind and safely reboot it in a way that reflects what they want to achieve more quickly and easily. Hypnosis helps you get to the root of the problem as opposed to merely dealing with the symptoms of issues. For example, I had been coaching a client for a few sessions and she kept telling me that she wanted to continue to be in the medical profession, so we explored some options but everything came up unsatisfactory to her. She finally decided to try hypnosis. In her session, she uncovered a lost childhood memory of her father telling her how proud he would be of her if she only became a doctor. Even though she had consciously forgotten this conversation, she subconsciously made decisions to get into the medical field, even though she did not excel in or enjoy this area. Now, letting go of the medical profession was strongly linked to disappointing her father, which is why she had the fear of change. On a conscious level, she didn't even recognize just how much the fear of disappointing her father had influenced her choices. By uncovering this memory, she was able to better understand the reasons for her resistance and after a real conversation with her Dad, she was able to move towards her real passion...flying planes! Now that's gutsy! In sum, hypnosis and career coaching are linked by allowing you to examine the subconscious motivations that lurk within all of us. It's up to you to determine whether or not those motivations, once uncovered, will be driving the bus.

Remember to get gutsy!


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