5 Simple Strategies to Overcoming Fear So You Can Achieve Your Dreams

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You know you want something badly when you cannot stop thinking about it, you dream about it, you even research it, yet here you sit still in the same place you were a year ago (or more). Perhaps it is a finding a new job, starting a new business or relationship, or even creating a healthier lifestyle. You ask yourself, what is stopping me from making this change? Why am I not taking real action? Do I not want this badly enough? Or perhaps you are even going in the opposite direction and self sabotaging yourself. But why? The answer is simple: it is FEAR.

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Ok so you think to yourself, that's not me, I'm not afraid. The fear I speak of is not the dangerous kind (it can be for your happiness!), it is the internal threat you feel when desire something but your subconscious has unresolved issues or limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your dreams. It hinders you from taking action.

Here are 5 simple strategies that get you started on the path of courage.

  • Acknowledge the fear -- It's easy to ignore or deny our fears, especially to ourselves, in a world that emphasizes the importance of being strong and brave. But courage can't be accessed unless you have a fear to face down. By acknowledging your feelings you've taken the first step toward gaining control over the situation.

  • Analyze your fear -- create a roadmap of success by putting 2 points far apart on a piece of paper. Point A is where you are now and point B is where you want to go. Now start putting points in between these points that represent your reasons/excuses/fears that prevent you from achievement. Start labeling these points. For example it could be "lack of money" or "I am too busy". Now take this roadmap and keep breaking it down further by asking yourself how you can overcome these middle points to get to your desired outcome of B. By having this physically in front of you, it can help you get it out of your head and help sort things out.

  • Imagine what success looks like to you -- this can be done by visualizing, writing, drawing or even just feeling what life would be like if you achieved your dreams. Try doing this first thing in the morning for 5 minutes before the chaos of the day starts up.

  • Create a symbol of success -- pick something that you can have around you or access easily throughout the day and anchor the idea and good feelings of success to that object as a daily reminder of your upcoming achievements. You could use a small pebble, your key chain or a pen you use frequently. Every time you see that object, stop and consciously think about how great success is.

  • Talk to someone -- When we have the fear in our mind, it can feel very overwhelming. By talking to someone who is unbiased and knowledgeable, they can help you analyze and provide solutions. It could be a trusted friend/partner, a therapist, a coach or a hypnotist. You could even share the roadmap you created in step 2.

No matter what it is that scares you, learn how to acknowledge, confront and take ownership of your fear to keep it from holding you back in life. You CAN do it!

Get Gutsy!


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