A Gutsy Mom's Guide to a Successful Career: A Maternity Coach

maternity coach, Naureen Khan

It’s 7 pm and you are on your way to an after work event. It is a cocktail party that everyone has been talking about at a very trendy bar. A new client has invited the whole staff. You are feeling great in the white linen suit you have picked for the event. What a great evening this will be!

Fast-forward 1 year…

It is 3 am and the baby is fussing and you can’t seem to figure out why she is crying. You have tried everything. All the while your partner is sleeping. Your eyes are burning and all you can think of getting back to your bed. It is not that you are not happy being a mom but you miss your life. You think back to the office parties, the adult conversations and getting dressed up (can’t even fit into that while linen suit anymore). Soon it will be time to go back to work and you are not even sure what you want out of your career now that the baby is here.

This is where a maternity coach can help.

Your coach can help you:

  • gain some unbiased perspective

  • help you re-organize your life so it all fits into your new reality

  • get your body back

  • create much-needed time with your spouse

  • figure out your next career move or business opportunity

  • coordinate a "Stay in Touch" and “Return to Work” plan with your employer and line manager

A maternity coach is focused on YOU.

Over our pregnancies we are given so much advice on how to prepare and care for the baby, but very little on how we should take care of our selves and prepare for the changes that happen to us. In fact some people might almost consider it selfish to do so (sorry did I hear you say mother-in-law?!). A maternity coach can help you sort all that out. (even how to handle that judgy mother-in-law!)

You don’t have to do this alone. Get gutsy and take back your career, your life, your way!

Much love!


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