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Book me, a supermom maternity coach with over 15 years experience in HR, coaching and communications to speak at your next event. Whether it is discussing issues around maternity leave for working women, developing reinvention skills or how to increase your retention rates, I will provide research based information that is translated into key insights, great narritives and practical tips to keep audiences engaged and inspired. Call to book one of these workshops today.  

Employers & Moms:
The Rules of Reinvention: How to Create the Career You Want After Mat Leave

Today’s rapidly changing global economy means that self-reinvention—the ability to recombine expertise, talents, and accomplishments to move between different job functions, divisions, or industries (or even start a business)—is a critical skill for managing and advancing a career, particularly after returning from maternity leave. In this interactive and engaging session filled with practical tips and tactics, Naureen shows attendees how they can creatively shift gears to stay competitive, have a family AND do what they love.


Key takeaways include:


  • How to identify a goal that’s guaranteed to make you happy

  • The best ways to create—and fund—a Reinvention Budget

  • Reinvention networking tactics and enlisting others to help you

  • Strategies for positioning your past experience as an asset in your target industry

  • How to write a reinvention resume and tell your story

  • The benefits of coaching during this transitory stage


Reinvent Yourself: Smart Strategies for Navigating Within the Organization After Parenthood

Yes, you CAN reinvent yourself without leaving your job! In this motivating and inspiring seminar, Naureen outlines, step-by-step, how professional working moms can use the 10 Rules of Career Reinvention to stay relevant, engaged, and well-positioned to land new opportunities within the organization or to revitalize themselves in their current roles after coming back from maternity leave. This program can be tailored for your needs, from a 90-minute keynote to a full-day seminar.


Key takeaways include:


  • How to create a strategic reinvention plan

  • The role of intellect vs. intuition

  • Positioning yourself for reinvention within your firm

  • Practical strategies for filling in skills gaps

  • Building a reinvention advisory board

  • Overcoming reinvention roadblocks

HR: The Key to Retention after Mat Leave? Maternity Coaching!

Smart companies are responding to the trend of reinvention by putting programs into place that help key staffers reinvent themselves without having to leave the firm. In this illuminating session, Naureen covers how our workforce has moved from the era of free agency to the age of reinvention and the impact of this trend on employee engagement and retention particularly on retention rates of new/returning parents.


Key takeaways include:


  • Top talent’s “reinvention mindset”

  • Benefits of maternity coaching and the ROI of investing in it

  • Opportunity: the most valuable commodity

  • How to help employees develop reinvention skills

  • Dealing with resistance

  • Facilitating reinvention within your organization

Coach Yourself to Reinvention and Live Your Career, Your Life, Your Way!

In this fun and fast-paced seminar, Naureen teaches audience members how to use personal coaching skills to get unstuck and accelerate their reinventions. Attendees learn how to set priorities, brainstorm ideas, design reinvention action plans and cheerlead themselves to advance towards their goals.


Key takeaways include:


  • Identifying your “reinvention personality”

  • How to craft a set of reinvention goals

  • Understanding your key motivators and using them to make progress

  • Tactics for overcoming fears and barriers

  • Tapping into multiple sources of support

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