What clients are saying about working with me

" I had this nagging feeling for a very long time that I was not happy in my marriage, especailly after coming back from mat leave but I really did not know what to do about it. I could not just afford to quit or start over. My husband did not understand. After meeting with Naureen, I was able to get a better sence of what I wanted to do for the next chapter in my life. She helped me create a realistic plan that worked for my life and my family. I moved from being an accountant to starting my own landscaping business and my husband supported me. I now have more flexability over my life and I love it!"


~Christine Hong

Toronto Ontario

"Having a new born completely changed the way I felt about myself and the responsibilities took a toll on my marriage. I did not relate in the same way as I once did. I had changed but those that were suppose to support did not do it, esp my husband. But the the thing was that he was not a bad guy but was he the guy for me? Naureen helped me understand this much better. Our marriage is back in a better footing and we are expecting our second baby!"

~ Anna Kelly

Bolton Ontario

"I never thought I would one of those women who would be cheated on, not because I thought I was so great, because I thought we had a good relationship. Little did I know that my partner felt totally different. My life blew up. Naureen helped both of us through a really tough time and showed us a new clarity that worked for both of us. Thanks Naureen!" 


Hamilton Ontario

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